Hey, hey, hey! Amanda Ma here blogging for my awesome group! Today, we had a very long, but productive day! We woke up super early, at 5:15AM and went to eat our breakfast. After the early breakfast, we went to Colegio de las Monjas! We shadowed a Nicaraguan student and went through a typical day of school for them. Everyone had loads of fun and created many new bonds with the students at the school. After the wonderful time at the school, we went to Buffet Esteli for a yummy meal of beans, rice, and veggies! Yum! When lunch was over, we had 3 hours of free time. We were able to buy souvenirs, call home, and explore Esteli. During the free time, we had to prepare for our first tutoring session! We all prepared beautiful posters to help the people in the community learn English. When the tutoring session started, it was hectic! There was about 80 people that were there with the goal to learn English. Everyone split into groups and started their own lessons. After the lessons were over, we all were happy with our accomplishments and the amount people learned.