Hola! It’s Nevy and JJ, and today we got to be LDDs.

Today was CAP day two, which means we were in the trenches! We woke up bright and early to a delicious breakfast of gallo pinto, over-easy eggs, fresh fruits, and freshly squeezed fruit juice. The energy in Casa Aquiares was upbeat as everyone was super excited to continue our project. We began the day with our walk down the hill to the Turrialba elementary school. When we got there, we realized the rain from the night before, made all of our dirt very muddy. We also learned our lesson from the million bug bites and horrible sunburns from the day before, and we applied extra sunscreen and bug spray.

We also learned our lesson and wore our trench boots (to avoid getting stabbed in the foot by a shovel). We actually had a bit of a delay getting the day started, so we spent this time talking and playing soccer with some of the students of the school. Then, when we finally started everyone put in so much work, except JJ (who decided to have a herniated disc and couldn’t heavy lift). But she was a very good cheerleader!

We built up all the concrete walls for our bathroom with a scaffolding. We had a school lunch with rice with soup, which everyone enjoyed after many hours of hard work. With the help of people on the sidelines, on the ground, and in the air, we got done about an hour and a half ahead of schedule, even after starting late. It was so inspiring to see the group working together so well, and everyone pulling their weight. When we got back to Casa Aquiares, we spent our free time showering (of course), and relaxing on the porch sharing snacks. The rest of the evening was very chill and lowkey. We had a new dinner dish, which was spaghetti with carne molida, salad, and garlic bread. Our nightly meeting consisted of many shout-outs, and love through the group. Overall, we had lots of hard work to do, but the group really pulled together and exceeded expectations. We are hopeful about finishing our weight on this amazing project.

I miss my mom and my siblings but I’m having an amazing time and got to spend my eighteenth birthday here with these beautiful people. FYI Jayce my nails are still on. I will see you soon.

Big love, Jarely Jasso

Shout out to my peeps back home, I miss you all, and I’m thinking about you every day. I know you all would love it here, and I know you miss my humor. Make sure to feed my fish, please!

Te amo mucho mas! Love, Nevaeh Trinity J. Lopez