IMG_3369IMG_3420IMG_3454IMG_3432IMG_3358 (1)Hi my name is Atziry Martinez. I’m a student at Overfelt High School. Today was an amazing day! We started off by going to a local family in Prusias. I enjoyed it and I felt happy. They welcomed us as people of their own. They taught us how they make things. The way they make things such as banana milk, where they grab a banana peel and cow milk and blend it and that is what makes banana milk. Another thing is cooking rice, they grab a bowl add oil and rice, and then at the end they add water, let it cook and its done. Their way of making things are different than in the U.S., and the same goes for the kids. At first they were shy, but the more my partner and I opened up the more the family opened up with us. Before we knew it we were playing. Today really made me come out of my comfort zone. When I first enter a home, I’m quiet the whole time. But today as I entered their home it all went away. Seeing the few things they had made me emotional. They are creative with what they have around them. If I had a big chance to help them I would. I would provide them with what they would wish for. Other than the families, today was our first day of English tutoring. I can’t say it was hard. I have seen teachers who try and force education. But today none of that happened to my partner and I, the kids were really into learning English. Seeing their joy once they stepped into the classroom made it easy to teach and give the directions. We were able to ease into education as opposed to force it. Overall it was an incredible day with my Global Glimpse Group.