I’m Bridget, leader of the day today, and today was the first of two “free days”, thusly named due to their lack of scheduled activities. Today we started off after breakfast by going to the local art museum, Museo de Arte Fundación Ortiz – Guardian, which consisted of two sets of houses joined by courtyards. We had expected to take around three hours in the museum, but only took about an hour, so we went back to the hostel. At this point, some people went to an internet café to do homework or talk to family members. By the time everyone who wanted to use the computers had, it was time to go to lunch. After lunch we took about an hour to stay around the hostel, and then most of us went to explore the city, while the others stayed at the hostel. We went to a supermarket, a coffee shop, and a movie theater area where some people got snacks and such. We finished this around three and walked back to the hostel, where we stayed until dinner. After dinner we had our nightly meeting where I passed the torch to Ryan and Makhayla, who will be our leaders of the day through our R.C. Shadow a High School Student day.


* We are having issues uploading photos tonight, will try to add some tomorrow!