Hello all! It is your current leaders of the day! Samy and Juliette. Today was a day full of compassion, courage and commitment. We traveled to the dump and experienced what it was like to live in POVERTY. It was shocking! Men and women including thirteen year olds lived and worked at the dump. Even though this is their job, the government has no desire to help them. These families live in not only small huts made of plastic but also rubbish. Infested with flies and dogs with malnutrition, the people search hopelessly for scraps of food, and plastics to sell. Unsanitary and dirty, these people still have a smile on their face, working to support their families. For example, Dona Francisco gave us a tour of the dump, explaining how she is working hard to pay for her children’s education so they don’t end up in the dump like her. Not only was that the field trip of the day, but we also walked to Foro Miraflor, where we spoke to German about a location for our Community Action Project. There we might paint a mural or fix a building that is in need of construction. Lastly, we had another English Tutoring Session. Everyone in our group was so excited to be able to do this again. Eager to help those who wish to learn English, the day was successful! By the way, we are sorry for not putting any pictures. There are technical difficulties.