This is Bridget again, and today was Poverty day. We started the day a bit later than yesterday, at 6:30, and after breakfast headed back to the hostel for a seminar. Then, we went to the old dump “Fortin” which was a prison/fortress/vantage point for the Samosan government. We walked through Fortin, through tiny cells which held between 40-50 people for days without food or water. Afterwards, we rode to the new dump and met some of the people that work there, collecting plastics, metals, and anything else they can sell. We talked to the administrator of the dump and headed back to the hostel for self reflection and lunch. After lunch we went to proyecto Ninos del Fortin. This organization is in place to stop kids ages 3-18 from working in the dump with their parents. Next, we headed back for dinner and English tutoring. Then we had our nightly meeting in which I passed the torch to Devin, our next leader of the day.


*more pictures will be up tomorrow, so check back in for those!*



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