Day 10GlobalBusiness-92

Hey it’s me Miguel. I’m the guy with a dimple that looks like a huge crater on the moon. In this picture I am presenting a certificate to the savvy environmental scientist Jonathan Ruiz, for taking the time to educate us on how mines work. Jonathan is employed by Cormidom Mining in Cerro Maimon.

Day 10GlobalBusiness-27

Day 10GlobalBusiness-44

This picture depicts a simple wooden house on the side of the road. Instead of it being an eye sore, it really intrigued me. I was captivated by how alone it was. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind as to why it was there? Or who had lived there? I simply had to photograph it. To those viewing this I hope it stirs the same mystery in you that it stirred in me.

Day 10GlobalBusiness-54

Day 10GlobalBusiness-59

At the beginning of the day the glimpsers got to speak, and interact with the inspiring Ruben Dario and Dona Carmen who protest mining involvement at Loma Miranda. After the students were taken on a tour around Loma Miranda. This picture shows the glimpsers walking toward a river where they were able to take a dip and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Day 10GlobalBusiness-67

The glimpsers casually pose for a group selfie under the splendid tree after a nice time swimming in the river.

Day 10GlobalBusiness-71

This is only a part of a long river that meanders through Loma Miranda. It is truly a paradise in my eyes. Being able to swim in the rich pure waters of Loma Miranda gave the glimpsers and I a greater sense of appreciation for our surroundings.

Day 10GlobalBusiness-76

In conclusion the group was very supportive of my leadership. Despite a couple sets backs, and changes in schedule my fellow glimpsers stuck through it. For myself as a leader I was very confident going into the day, but as the day progressed things started not going to plan. I was nervous about it at first, however it led to my biggest form of growth as a leader. Yes, being a leader can be difficult even when everything goes to plan. It is when things do not go to plan when a leader is tested, and boy was I tested. Like any other test in school I studied very little for it (bad habit). I may have not done as well as I wanted to, but with a little knowledge and common sense I got through it. Most importantly I learned from my mistakes. So if you’re nervous about making a mistake or something not going to plan don’t be, because that’s life an you’ll find a way to get through it.

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