Today’s LDD’s were Zoe and Jasmine. Our day was based on deconstructing poverty and engaging with the local organization “Manitos Trabajadoras”. This organization gave us the opportunity to take a glimpse into the lives of the local children. We were able to ask questions and engage with them to understand how their lives are. With the help of Paul and Andrea, we were given an opportunity to have a heartfelt discussion in the morning to prepare us for one of our more emotional days. Seeing all of the love we were given from the children was amazing. Their smiles were contagious and their warm embraces made every Glimpser’s day. As a group, we were able to simulate the lives of the children and enjoy a nice lunch with all of them. We were all able to share the universal language of laughter and friendship, and no language barrier got in the way of an amazing experience like today. Then, back at the hotel we began brainstorming ideas for our CAP project. We focused on what the school needs, such as finishing an emergency ramp and a garden for the students to have a better learning experience. Thanks to Isabel, we had a big hearty breakfast to prepare us for our day, as well as a great dinner that consisted of plantains, which is my (Jasmine) favorite.

Jasmine- Hi Mom, Dad, Jordan, and Thumper. I miss you guys so much and I’m having an amazing time. Also Isabel says hi and she misses you so much and Maria also misses you as well. It was an amazing experience for them both to recognize me as your daughter.

Zoe- Hey Mom, Dad, Raya and Kai. I love and miss you all so much and I really wish that you were here to experience this place with me (one day). I am happy and healthy and I haven’t fallen off a mountain! I hope that you are all well, I can’t wait to see you guys.

Big love, Zoe and Jasmine