Hello Family and Friends,

This is Tammy and Tiffany.

Today was truly an emotional day as we worked to deconstruct the cycle of poverty and begin our aid and development. Our first activity after breakfast was the Privilege Walk, in which we vulnerably discussed the sensitive topics revolving around our backgrounds and how it plays a role in deciding our fate in society.
After our thought-provoking discussion, we headed to the Relleno Sanotorio, where Don Hector spoke about his work as the head of one of Nicaragua’s garbage disposal facilities. We also got a chance to speak to some of the workers there and provide them with snacks to hopefully cheer them up through their extremely challenging and dangerous job.
Soon after, we went to discover Barriliete, which is where our Community Action Project (CAP) will take place. When we first stepped off the bus, we were flooded by all the love from the children who greeted us with hugs and smiles. It was very touching and emotional because these are children who have little to nothing and yet they managed to make our days by showering us with enormous amounts of love. We also regret not bringing more things we could give to the kids, as they needed a lot more than we thought and we wish we could go back and pack all of our belongings and give it to them.

Later, rain suddenly enclosed Leon and we walked to English Tutoring in pouring rain that was accompanied by lighting and thunder. Sadly, a lot of the students could not make it but those who did showed their personal best.

We wrapped up the night as Leaders of the Day in the Nightly Meeting and we were graced with such compassion and had so much love for each other and the people of Leon as we celebrated fellow Glimpsers, Leslie and Carlos’ birthdays.

We look forward to our future adventures and accomplishments with the ten days left.

Thank you,
Tammy and Tiffany.