Today, we got to have a needed extra hour of sleep. We woke up at 7:30 AM. We had a wonderful breakfast and a quick mental warm-up before heading over to a dump site called Buena Vista. We had a chance to speak to a worker there named Ramon. He took time out of his day to tell us about how working there is and how people who earn money from the site are impacted. We returned home to work on CAP (Community Action Project) posters to present them to our partners at Plan Yaque, Annika and David, who also joined us for lunch today! We took our lovely safari truck to Salto Baiguate and walked down many stairs, but it was worth it as we got to swim and see a waterfall. Some of us had photo shoots there!! After we got back, we had some time to shower and many also went for an ice cream run and shopped around for a few souvenirs (to possibly bring back to some of you guys reading this blog)!!! We came all together to eat dinner and end the night off with our Nightly Meeting. We had a lovely day!!!

Kayla & Ngan