Hi! Soniya and Aapthi out here!

Today, we learned about the importance of communication and teamwork through our Community Action Project (CAP). Being Líder Del Día on our first day of CAP execution was nerve-racking, but we enjoyed it since we bonded with the whole group through music, dancing, and working. We were both super nervous about making sure everyone participated in the project, while staying hydrated and happy. However, we learned that our team really came through and put in their best efforts to help achieve our goal of a sustainable development project.

For those who may be wondering about what our CAP project is, we decided to do mini projects for the Escuela (School) París de Parita. Some of our projects include designing a mural in the dining room, fixing the bathroom signs, fixing the tables in the dining room, putting seats on the school’s seesaws, making English posters, and painting a soccer field.

We started the day off with a group discussion to finalize our list of materials to make sure we stay inside our budget. We, then, headed to a hardware store to pick up our supplies, and we found out that we’re doing good on staying in the budget. After our trip to the hardware store, we started heading to the school we were going to be working at. We got started on our different projects and we had a lot of fun working together as a team.

This experience was a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zones, help the community, and to bond as a team. We can’t wait for the next chance to improve on our leadership skills!

-Soniya Gaikwad & Aapthi Nagesh