Bienvenidos Chicago!

Another great day in Matagalpa. The theme of today was Aid and Development; we had long engaging discussions about how to properly address issues in the developing world from our position and meaningfully look at these problems not as static events, but as dynamic parts of people’s lives. I really enjoyed the conversations we had and thought there was a lot of depth and substance to it. Today was our first look at our Community Action Project site where we will be working next week with Infancias Sin Fronteras to help develop their community center in the neighborhood Centro Timbor. We met some locals in the area and got a feel for the community and how they live.

Also, today was our first day in our english tutoring classes. The lessons went very well and everyone got along well with their students and made some meaningful connections. It was a great start to the program and gave us all a lot of perspective and insight into being a teacher. I enjoyed being the leader today and it gave me a strong sense of responsibility; the strongest indicator of this was being awake at 6:30 to wake everyone else up. Time before 8:00 in the morning is relatively new territory for me but it was suprisingly easy to wake up because I knew people were relying on me. It was a feeling of responsibility and independence that has been unleveled in all my life and I am grateful for the experience. Everyone made it very easy to lead as well by being very attentive during seminars and listening to Sergio Alves Chami for Infancia Sin Fronteras as he showed us around his project sites. All in all, it was an amazing day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


Big Love from Nicaragua,

Peter K

Shout out to my parents and my sister

Also shout out to Kevin Spacey, he’s probably not reading this blog but it’s worth a shot.