Today was our fun day, so it was more touristy and full of amusement.

First we conquered the unknown, because the name of the waterfall we visited is pretty scary: the Devil’s Cauldron. Surprisingly people weren’t scared of it, in fact they were having fun and some people even found it relaxing. I think the hike showed that people care about one another because they were always checking up on other people – if something happened, people asked if they were ok, if they needed anything, etc.

The bus ride felt like it was out of a horror movie: there was fog everywhere, and the bus driver couldn’t see much of the road. There were a lot of sharp turns, cars driving on the wrong side of the road, speed bumps, etc. Luckily Juanito, our driver, is very experienced. Big love to him because he’s the best driver we’ve ever seen. Sharp turns, narrow parking, regardless of the road conditions he always gets us to where we need to go safely.

Overall, we were most proud of the conversations that we had – we started with a simple question: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” But it led to some great discussions. We also asked about people’s dream tattoos. People really bonded today, we’re moving away from strangers and getting closer to a family.