We have arrived! We are safe and sound (and tired) here in Riobamba, Ecuador. We are now resting up for our big history day tomorrow. We can’t wait to explore Riobamba tomorrow – keep an eye out for the blog post! 

At the Houston airport we met several other Glimpsers from New York and posed for this selfie once on board (and before our delays).  As you know, our flight got pushed back quite a few hours so we did not spend the night in Quito and headed straight to Riobamba once we got out of the airport. 

S/O to Juan Carlos and Cristina for picking us up. They have been extremely kind to us and we are extremely grateful to have them with us in Riobamba. We asked the Glimpsers what their first thoughts were once we left the airport and they commented on the peacefulness and the beauty of the landscape. We can’t wait to see more of Ecuador! 


We ended our day with dinner at Native Gastronomía Ecuatoriana where we celebrated Nicole’s 17th birthday with some cake. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Nicole! 


Thanks for reading!