Today was day 2 of our Community Action Project (CAP)! We, Basha and Gisselle, were the Global Glimpse leaders for today. We lead with energy and compassion and together with our global glimpse peers we accomplish many of our goals today: painting numerous walls of the school. However, it rained out of nowhere and ruined some of the wall that weren’t dried. L. But it didn’t bring down the mood of the group down at all because we had so much fun working together to accomplish something great for the Nica children. THOSE KIDS ROCK!!! THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

Later today, we went to the ABC School for English tutoring. It was a bittersweet day because we had to announce to the class that Wednesday would be our last day at the school. Overall the day went well. Here in Nicaragua it is amazing how fast you can build strong connections with the native people, knowing or even not knowing the language. This city encompasses compassion and love and has taught us so much about being better people and better leaders. We’ve learned how to lead people with integrity, respect and humility. Through this process we have grown and will continue to grow as leaders in our everyday lives. Big love to my mama (SHALONDA ) I love you, and I NEED you, mama I, love you, I do. And it’s more than you’ll ever know.

Big Love to my group and the people of Nicaragua!