My name is Trinity and I was one of the leaders of the day today which was our last day of CAP. It was a bit of a challenge to try to get everything done, let’s just say we were overly ambitious. However, we were able to accomplish so much: painting not one but two murals, painting a wall with a bunch of giant triangles, painting second and third coats of paint on the walls we did yesterday as well as finishing first coats that ran when it rained yesterday.

It would take way too long to explain all that we learned while we have been here so I’ll try to keep it short and simple. The two biggest things we have learned even just today is that: one being given the opportunity to do a project not for but with a whole school full of children has really shown us that it really is worth the time and the effort to get to know the people we were helping because then it isn’t just some beautification project, it’s developing the second home for these children and making it a place they can really take pride in, and two that a whole group of leaders who are complete strangers can come together and do in three days what could take others who have known each other for years a week or two.

My name is Justin, and for our last CAP day I was one of the leaders of the day. When discussing our goals and if we accomplished them during our nightly meetings, we came to a census that it was important to understand how our CAP affected sustainability in Nicaragua and why it’s important. Working, sweating, and laughing has been eye opening when it comes to thinking about the bigger picture. Along with our last English tutoring class, creating a strong bond with our students made it hard for us to let go so soon. Saying our goodbyes and making this last class a closing was difficult for everyone.