Hello, this is YanYing and I was the leader of the day today. This was my experience. Today, we presented our CAP panel to the people of Magic FC, the community organization we are partnering with for our project. At 9 AM, the representatives- Fernando, Gerson, Jose, and Miguel- came to our meeting room in order to hear our proposals. They all looked excited to know our plans and work with us. Before their arrival, we divided our big group into three smaller groups, based on interests, to work on and present the different ideas. The first group talked about the mural they drew last night and discussed the inspirational quotes with the representatives from Magic FC. The second group presented the goals we are going to build for the club’s field. The last group, which is my group, discussed the advertisement plans we came up the night before. Throughout the meeting, the representatives were really open to our ideas. At the same time, they gave us a lot of suggestions and told us some of our ideas will not work. After we finished the long discussion, we officially started the CAP project. Everybody was excited and hopes the project will turn out as expected.

As the leader of the day, I was super loud. I know this because a lot people told me I should scream less at the nightly meeting, which is not a bad thing since my throat hurts now. That is important, but that is not my focus. As the leader of the day, I think I showed my confidence and my leadership. This actually surprised me because normally, I am quiet and I don’t like public speaking. Like I mentioned, I definitely forced myself to be loud and confident in front of my peers since I was the only leader of the day. Without a partner, I had to remind myself of all the things I have to do and be there for my peers. When I first signed up to be solo, I worried a lot. However, after a day, I think I can be a good leader and I really appreciate this solo opportunity, because it allows me to see my potential. It is amazing how one day of being in this position can change me so much. Today, I learned how to be a good leader, how to let your peers listen to you, and how to be confident. At the end, I just want to say everybody is fine and we are all enjoying our last few days in Constanza. Hope to see our loved ones soon.

YanYing Liu

Our community partner leaders


Buying paint for our CAP project


Nightly meeting


CAP idea presentations