Today was the last Free Day of our Nicaraguan experience. It was so exciting to see so many fellow glimpsers come together instead of separate groups like our previous Free Day. Today we visited the Chocolate Museum where we tried different chocolate and learned about how it was made. Visited Central Park where most people purchased their souvenirs. We ate a new place named Pan de Vida ~ Bread of Life. It was amazing, probably one of the best pizza places I have ever eaten at. Later we celebrated at La Favorita Center. Here we celebrated a few things one being, the people who prepared and served our food another being Jonathan and his upcoming birthday on Sunday, our GG Leaders but most importantly we celebrated each other and the developed relationships between each other. Even though it is not yet the last day we truly came together as a FAMILY. Along with the downfalls we constantly pull each other back up and nothing will ever change that. I personally am thankful for all the new people that I have met and am now able to call my friends. So shout out to every beautiful person on this trip! –Samari Janeaa ( Love you Ma)