Wow, who knew these 2 weeks were gonna go by so fast. From not knowing anybody on this trip to forming a family, we finally achieved our goal: becoming leaders. It was not easy, it was not a vacation, it was a “glimpse” on a totally different culture and lifestyle. I am so sure about everyone’s future and how successful it is going to be, because of this trip we grew.

Around 9:30am we all decided what we were going to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing after the trip and discussed how this trip has inspired us to be better, persevere through frustration and differences, and choose to engage with people around us. The afternoon came and a feeling of bitter-sweetness hit me, having to leave the hostel and Granada was so depressing. I would just like to give big love to both my parents for putting a lot of effort and hard work to send me here, and also big love to my grandma for giving me confidence and a blessing before my very first flight. Keep in mind this isn’t a “goodbye” but a “see you soon.”