Hi everyone my name is Digna, today I was the Líder del Día with Maria. Today we completed our CAP project. For our CAP project we partnered with Magic Fútbol Club. For the delivery phase of our project we painted several murals, started construction of two small metal goals and nets, and also created flyers to attract people from Constanza to “el play” (the baseball/soccer field in Barrio Las Flores). Through teamwork and hard work we were able to complete our project after spending two days and half of another day. We learned to be flexible and open to accepting the ideas of others and got the opportunity to work with the community of Barrio Las Flores. It allowed us to get to know the community, interact, and give back to the community and hopefully inspired others to become involved with their own communities. Some challenges that our group had to deal with were to be fully focused. It was also challenging to start on the project because some of the tools that were needed were not available. These setbacks allowed the group to become more flexible and open to changes whether they were good or bad.

Hi my name is Maria. I think that as a group we did a great job and after everything was done we felt very proud of our work. Today we learned the importance of helping out the community in such a way that is sustainable. Even though we didn’t finish the goals, we successfully accomplished 2/3 of the CAP project, which are the murals (Magic FC and trash can murals) and advertisement around Constanza. Beside the importance of the CAP project, we had a special dinner organized by the Program Coordinators. During the special dinner we met C1A, the other Bay Area delegation here in Constanza, and we danced with them right after. After the special dinner, we walked back to the hotel with a melancholic mood knowing that it was our last full day here in Constanza.

Here are some photos from the day! Tomorrow we will do some final reflections and then fly home. We are excited to see you all!