Bright and early we got ready for school. Yes, school. 6 in the morning, got on our fancy clothes, and we were ready to go. Despite the time there was nothing but smiles in the Nicaraguan sunshine! Excitement and anticipation was in the air!


We arrived at Colegio de las Monjas quite early since it was literally in the backyard of our hotel. In our waiting time, glimpsers Adrián, Josue, Matt, Tonet, Nic, and I played a game of basketball with a few of the students. Not only was the game fun to play, but it was also a great time to meet new friends.

********RIIIIIINNNNGGG********* The school bell rang and it was time for class! Our student guides picked us up with friendly smiles and excitement. All the Glimpsers were ready to get to class! We entered classes with many different welcomes. Some welcomes were friendly, and some were a little uncomfortable due to language barriers and unique appearances. As a similarity, the classrooms had the typical whiteboard and rows of seats structure, although with no computers or technology like projectors or such. A major difference was that classroom walls were so plain and that kept us all wondering why. We found out that the students would stay in the same class for 5 hours with one 20-minute break and the different subject teachers switch classrooms every hour. This way of their education system seemed quite odd, but it was understandable towards the end of the day.

Many Glimpsers and student guides also walked around the beautiful campus of Colegio de las Monjas, which consisted of a vast green landscape and scenery that would not be seen in American schools.

DSCN1031 DSCN1059As we said our last goodbyes, nothing but laughs were exchanged as some of us played basketball, volleyball, soccer, or mingled with our student guides for the last time. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that most of us teens would not be able to have. Meeting new friends, experiencing different teaching styles, and getting active was worth the early 5 am wake up call!


Being able to be a Nicaraguan student for a few hours was very memorable for all of us and the students we met will not be forgotten. Now we all have a better scope on how fellow future leaders around the world prepare to become and make a change in the future!
DSCN1069IMG_1570 Being leader of the day for these people was greater than ever. I am so happy to have gone on this trip because I wouldn’t want to be with any other group of great people and mentors. As the final hour comes we are all excited to see our families!

** To the De Asis Family, I love you guys and I’ll be home very soon! <3

-Ezra Raquel