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Day 4 in Jinotega complete. ✅

Waking up at 5am was no challenge for our glimpsers. El Colegio La Salle welcomed us to their class with excitement and kindness. Although at first it was difficult for some students to communicate with the Nica students, they all tried every hard to use hand signals and their traveling journal to grow bonds. After 10am, all our glimpsers were exchanging social medias and making new friends. It was awesome. This activity demonstrated the differences in education systems from back home and many students ended the day stating they will definitely value school more when we get back.


Despues de nuestro almuerzo fuímos paratras al colegio a conoser los estudiantes del Access Program que tienen 5 meses aprendiendo el ingles. Estabamos muy impresionados con la qualidad de su ingles. ¡Nos podíamos comunicar perfectamente!


Even though it felt like a packed day, the second half was discussions and leadership meetings within our group so it wasn’t all fun and games. It is 11:15pm, and I have been up since 4:15am so I am heading to sleep. Buenas noches familia y amigos!IMG_1354 IMG_1350 IMG_1341 IMG_1295