Hello, I am Mariyah. I was one of LDD’s (Leader Of The Day) today. Hello! I am the other LDD of today and my name is Natalie. 

Today, we and our fellow glimpsers had a very chill moment here at La Salle since we weren’t working as hard as yesterday. We woke up around 7AM, had delicious breakfast, and then moved on to discovering our CAP (Community Action Project) project!! After discussing the importance of our CAP project we enjoyed some much needed yoga time with the help of our amazing friend Liv 🙂 After a couple of hours we all gathered in the Safari (our fun transportation) to go enjoy the waterfall, Salto Baiguate. Our group really enjoyed the waterfall along with splashing each other and throwing rocks. We were able to enjoy a snack along with some laughs and jokes which we always hear on a daily basis.

Aside from all the waterfall fun today, we were informed about a small special project that we are going to do for the donors and funders of Global Glimpse and our trips. We wish we could tell you, but it’s a surprise, so SHHHHH. Can’t wait to share and show you all what we have in mind.

Overall, it was a day filled with both fun and information. It is important to know where we are staying and also why we are staying here. We are excited to see how our work can impact our lives and the lives of locals through aid and development.

Anyways, that was our day and I had lots of fun with everyone but it’s time to say adios -Mariyah

To be honest, I’m really tired, but I’m happy, so with all the joy, BUENAS NOCHES! -Natalie