WHAT UP! This is Amanda and Araceli today’s Vegetarian LDDs. Todays theme was Business and Working like a Local.

Today was quite eventful! We began the day with an early wake up time of 4:40am. We proceeded on a bus to La Garnacha (a local farm) to work like a local. We did many activities such as, milking cows and goats, beginning the coffee making process, helping cut weeds we then fed to the goats, and creating fertilizer from organic materials. Afterwards, we took a trip to Casa de Algería Cigars where we had the pleasure of witnessing the cigar making process and some glimpsers even got to experience constructing a cigar first hand. We also continued our lessons in teaching English to the Nica’s. We concluded the night by meeting with the representatives of Casa Materna and Ciudades Hermanas as well as the Minister of Health. During the meeting we presented our ideas surrounding the CAP Project and they all accepted our ideas with gratitude.

One of our main takeaways from today was the impact that small businesses had on the lives of the local community. Ralf and Maritza, the family that ran the Cigar Factory, prided themselves on paying the people 30-35% more than they would make at other surrounding factories. Although to Ralf and Maritza this sum of money was not large it helped to significantly impact the livelihoods of their workers and the farmers that supplied them both locally and globally. We also took away the fact that the locals really enjoyed their jobs even though it is a lot of time and energy. We are glad we got the experience of working with them and learning about their professions.