Today was well needed, today was the day where we got a break and had a breather in the middle of the trip. First we woke up at 8:00 am which is very rare since we’ve been waking up at 6 or 7 for the past couple of days. Today was our first free day, which means we didn’t have an activity in the agenda besides planning our CAP project. So, during the first part of the day (before lunch) we were recommended to stay at the hotel to have some restful alone time. So everyone except 4 people stayed at the hotel and had alone time to tidy up their separate rooms or write in their journals about the past couple of days.

Then we had lunch, which was very good: white rice, beans, stewed chicken, and fresh salad. After lunch, we had our second part of the day which was more free time. My group included Jared, Emerson, Mary, Nickol, Alondra, Digna, Kristen, and 3 GG Ambassadors. During the afternoon I was talking to one of the ambassadors and I asked her how they spend their free time here in Constanza. I was very shocked to hear what she said, she said that they do a lot of outdoor activities such as participating in local sports teams, and the other ambassador said that she does guitar lessons. These responses really impacted me  because at home, I spend my free time on my phone and computer. The idea of them doing all these activities in their free time really affected me by making me want to do more activities rather than be cooped up in my room on my phone.

This whole day of free time and asking the ambassadors how they spend their free time really taught me some lessons that I want to integrate in my life when I come back in the US, inspiring me to do more activities and be engaged in community events.

Ice Cream at Helados Bon!