Hi loved ones!!

Today Evalunna and I (Daniela) were leaders of the day. We started our day with waking everyone up at 7am followed by breakfast at 8am. After breakfast we headed to Plan Yanque to meet with Emmanuel and David.


After meeting up with them they took us to a small community where it was once polluted with a stream of dirty water. With the help of plan Yaque they were able to make a water treatment and we saw an example of the end product of our CAP project. The CAP project is going to be the students making a water treatment for another community more up in the mountain.

Today was the first CAP day. We started off slow with testing the waters literally with Emmauel and David. They taught us how to test the water cleanliness and the PH levels before making the water treatment system. They also showed us their greenhouse and their goal of growing more trees around the DR.

Overall the day was really good. After leaving the school where we are going to do the water treatment. We decided to take a surprise trip to the city planned by the Lideres de dia and the PCs. In the city we had a short time to get snacks. We went home and started making thank you letters for the donors and had a very good dinner after. We had a good nightly meeting starting with our rose and thorns of the day and many more talks. We ended the nightly meeting with the unity clap of teamwork and off to rest for the next day. MIMIS TIME.