We made it! It was a long day of traveling, where all of us probably fell asleep with our eyes open at one point today. Nonetheless, we all made it here safe and sound with he help of our in country staff. As we arrived in Granada, we were greeted by Karla and Alex with a yellow sign along with a welcoming gift of an authenic braclet. =)  We started the night off meeting 17 strangers in SF and now have quickly became a family under one roof at hostel of Amigos de la casa Rojas. Many students have already experienced something new out of their comfort zone. These events included turning in their phones before even taking off (a process we thought would be hard, but everyone turned it in with no complaints, YAY!), talking and meeting new people, and two students, Fatima and Atziry, even shared with us that it was their first time being on an airplane! Besides the humidity of Granada, the students have quickly adapted to the environment and getting to know each other while learning about the new culture. It has been a long, tiring, yet very informative and exciting day for us and the students. We have a busy schedule ahead us tomorrow with guest speakers, touring the city while trying amazing food!

Hasta Manana de Chad and Thao!


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