Hola from Matagalpa! Today was our first free day and our first time being outside of the hostal ourselves giving us a chance to explore the culture of this amazing city. We got to sleep in a bit today compared to the other days when we had to wake up, sometimes before the sun came up. The athletes of the group went out for a morning run while the rest of us woke up at 8am. For breakfast, we had french toast which reminded us a bit of home. Then we went off on our own in groups of at least four to explore the city and immerse ourself in the culture. This gave us a chance to shop for you guys, our friends and family, for souvenirs to remind us of this amazing trip. Many of us went to a shop called Mr. Coffee which is a local restaurant that uses filtered water so don’t worry, we’re being safe!! We tried the rich Nicaraguan coffee that gave the kick that we all needed to continue exploring all day. Then we grouped back at the hostel for lunch around 12:30 and had kebabs made of chicken, beef, and onions. We also had the regular, beans and rice. For the vegetarian option we had rice, cucumbers, baby corn, and a cabbage based salad. We then were given free time which many of us used to either prep for English tutoring or work on our ideas to present to the organization we’re working with, Infantiles sin Fronteras since we have to present our ideas tomorrow. After we finished our work, we again got a chance to go out and explore. Many of us used this time to call our family, friends and loved ones which made many of us homesick but we found comfort in the support from each other. Then we grouped back at home for our dinner at 4:45 and enjoyed some taquitoes. Then at 5:45 we walked to the school where we have English Tutoring and taught our lessons enjoying the stories the people here have to tell. After tutoring, we had our nightly meeting at 8:00 and wrapped it up within an hour. We then enjoyed some free time before lights out at 10:00.