Hello everyone!

Today was community action project day 3. Today was quite exhausting for all glimpsers but they all pulled through with lots of hard work and determination which made everyone so proud, including the GG leaders. The day officially began once the glimpsers departed to Aquires Elementary where we have been working for the past two days. Every glimpser had been working on preparing the foundations of the bathrooms by gathering dirt, leveling it out on the ground and preparing the cement.

The day was filled with many rewards, one of which was seeing a snake, centipede and so many other interesting creatures! Once glimpsers finished setting the foundation with dirt, they began gathering piles of sand and gravel to make concrete for the rest of the foundation. This part of the process was quite long and tiring but they managed to get most of the foundation completely finished after playing many rounds of ninja, taking many snack and water breaks.

During the day I thought constantly about how proud I was of all the students for working so hard and pushing their limits. I also felt very grateful that they allowed me to lead and care for them. Once everything was done, the students were treated with a trip to their favorite places, the local supermarket and ice cream shop. After the long day, they returned to finca Acari where they spent some time resting and some time on the nightly meeting.

During the meeting is when I got to have much insight on the rest of the student’s thoughts. One thing one of my peers mentioned they learned was that they enjoyed completing a plan to completion rather than the fun of learning a process. Hearing about this made me think about myself and how I can relate to that. At this point of the trip, we have learned so much about each other and I hope to learn more.

To my family, I hope you are all doing well and I miss you, see you soon!