Sorry for the delay. We got done late yesterday.

Today we learned the important of education for the people of Nicaragua. We first began by going to the library Puedo Leer. While being there, we nocticed that kids preferred to read and learn than anything else. Instead of paying attention to the struggles that this country is going through, they use education as an escape and motivation.

Imanol: I met a kid named Fernanado who is 11, and I read a book to him and we talked about his life. He’s very passionate about learning and changing his environment. He drew a picture of himself and gave it to me and told me to take it back home to always remember him. I will always remember him and value my education in the US.

Kimberly: I met a little girl named Melanie who is 7. She was very energetic and affectionate. She connected very quickly with me, especially since we both like princesses. Cinderella is both of our favorite. She seems to be a natural leader. She told us when to begin reading and to start the drawing activity.

Many others had similar experiences with the kids. It was the best part of everyone’s taught us how to appreciate our own education, even though it’s not perfect, it’s much better than what the kids have access to here.

it was our first day of English tutoring as well. Some classes went better than others. Overall, it was a great experience to see who many people give us their time to be dedicated to learning English to better their lives. Many people come right after a long hard day of work.

Stay posted for our blog tonight. We are visiting the dump today.