“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” Robert Frost


As the Global Glimpse Leadership Coach, it is my job to model how to be a fantastic “El Lider del dia,” for our Glimpsers here with us in Bonao. I felt that in order to keep Team Bonao motivated and engaged in this heat, I needed to delegate duties to the group. “Mis ayudantes” or the helpers I selected for the day were more than willing to cooperate. Nahum assisted with carrying the water jug, Alice and Pablo helped present gifts to the speakers we met, as well as translate our appreciation to them, Emma K. acted as clothes police, and Jazmine reminded everyone to turn of lights and fans in rooms. I am amazed by the overwhelming support this group of Glimpsers has to offer.


After breakfast we began with a seminar on Education and Politics so as to draw comparisons and similarities among the different educational system in the DR and the U.S. The students discussed school enrollment, dropout rates, and teacher certifications, and how it plays an important impact on a person’s path in life. In addition, the Glimpsers deliberated about political regimes and the impact it plays on education.


We visited the Alerta Joven project and heard inspiring testimonials from Dominicans (close in age to the Glimpsers) who changed the path of their lives from an “at-risk” youth to a youth leader in the community. Then, we had a fieldtrip to the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) where our group collaborated with local students about the challenges of education in the DR. Together they suggested possible solutions and ways to incorporate them in government funding. The activities were a great introduction to teaching, especially with this being the first day of tutoring lessons.


Tomorrow we will visit Constanza and learn about Global Business.





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