Education day!!!!

Hola yo soy Marla y era El Lider del dia! Today the glimpsers were supposed to wake up at 5:30 but I didn’t wake up to my alarm ( near my head) on time, which woke up my roommates (Sia, Martha, Shivani, Christina, Eriella) at 4:15am!!  we started the day with yummy pancakes and got ready for shadowing a high school student in Matagalpa , Nicaragua. Calvin and I separated into two groups heading towards the opposite direction, Calvin taking the path towards the private school San Luis and I heading to the public school I.N.E.P .We and each glimpser experienced something different shadowing our high school student (chosen by the school), for example, my experience started with stares, pictures wanted taken of us, many questions, eager people, excitement, etc. We came back to our hostel and ate lunch but immediately began our preparation for English tutoring we than had dinner and started and journey towards the school that we taught English. All the glimpsers did an amazing job in making all the people during the session comfortable and determined to learn I, myself experienced such a passion in the beginners class with the younger children(that didn’t know English) that I had to step out of the class because I was crying from joy since all the students were able to learn so much with no complaints in one day. Everyone had a role today that impacted or will impact someone later in our journey and today was our first day in taking that step.

Hola! Yo hablo un poco Espanol. Me llamo Calvin. That is basically the most common line I have said today as El Lider Del Dia and an English tutoring teacher for individuals from the ages 16 through 68 years old, although other classes had students from different ages. First, Silvan, Matthew, and I led half of the group to the private school San Luis and the differences between school here and those in the states really surprised me. One of the main things that intrigued me was how the school system functions. Later on in the day, I had the opportunity to step into the shoes of a teacher and teach English to individuals. Things did not turn out as I had expected and my agenda was distorted, however I am thankful that my teaching group worked out an alternate plan. As glimpsers, we have faced many challenged throughout the day but thanks to our quick thinking, everyone was able to breeze through the day and be productive.

*Some of you may or may not have heard about an earthquake that hit Nicaragua. We felt it here on Matagalpa, but it was very light. The earthquake actually occurred right as we were typing the blog. We are safe with no injuries. Our delegation is sending positive thoughts to the rest of the country, particularly the parts that might have been more heavily affected.