So today went a bit differently than usual. Our regularly scheduled program, which was to shadow several students at one of the Nicaraguan high schools, was changed when we found out the Nicaraguan students were on break. Moreover, our Global Glimpse leaders, Mrs. JohnsonĀ (aka General Pam) and Mr. O’Malley, had the day off, and went on a rain forest canopy tour. So instead, we spent most of our day at the hostel, with myself, Dennis, and Janice, manning the house. (Supreme Leader Alex Lavery also unofficially appointed himself as acting commanding officer).

The day began at 7:00 with me waking up everyone else, which went well. After that, we all ate a delicious breakfast of crepes filled with bananas, chocolate sauce, and fruit. We then had an energizer run by Janice which was an interesting spin on musical chairs called Mochila, Bebe, o Mesa (Backpack, Baby, or Table). I enjoyed myself during the game, although I was unable to carry my partner for when we had to act out Bebe, which was problematic to say the least. After the energizer, we had an enlightening academic seminar led by Dennis where we learned about the education system in Nicaragua and the United States, and how both education systems have their own problems and possible solutions to solving them.

Following the seminar, our guest speaker, Anje, came and talked to us about her experience with both the educational system of the United States and Nicaragua. Many of us asked some very good questions about both systems and Anje gave us her two cents on the two educational systems. After our speaker finished, we exchanged our money and had lunch, which was chicken with rice and salad. That afternoon, there were no scheduled events for several hours, so we had free time. I myself went out with a group to get milkshakes, and we also stopped by an internet cafe (I called you mom, why didn’t you answer)? (I’m kidding, I love you lots).

After my group and I got back, Dennis talked to us about the Community Action Project, specifically about figuring out the logistics of our project. We then ate dinner, which was spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, we had our third session of English tutoring, which I think went relatively smoothly for most of us (although I can’t speak for the other groups). We then had a very productive nightly meeting, where I passed my leadership duties to my successor, Kierra, and a lot of people in the group came to an understanding. I should probably be heading to bed soon, as I am currently typing this some minutes after the lights out call. But I am confident in saying that the day went very well, despite the absence of General Pam and Mr. O’Malley.

Sorry for the lack of photos in tonight’s blog. We will hopefully update this blog tomorrow with photos.