Good evening SC1B family and friends!

Once again, this is your GG leader Luz bringing you tonight’s blog. I had the opportunity to be the last ELDD model before students get to take over!

Our day started with a 7am wakeup call and 8am breakfast at the comedor followed by our aid and development seminar. The highlight? A heated and passionate debate about the pros and cons of global aid. The star of the show? None other than the wonderful Sophia who incited us with her heartfelt pro-aid opening statement. Unfortunately, the debate was short, but for a great reason—the women of CONAMUCA, our home for the duration of our trip, delivered a powerful presentation about the amazing work they do to help provide the female farmworkers of the DR the rights they deserve. We all left that presentation feeling inspired and empowered by their words.

For lunch, we had the opportunity to enjoy one of the most delicious meals yet; delectable eggplant meatballs, white rice, deliciously sweet fried plantain and savory white bean soup. It’s safe to say that even the non-bean eaters (ahem, Segen) were converted today!

Although it was tough to follow that amazing meal, the next group of speakers definitely managed to do that. We were treated to amazing poetry and creativity by the local organization FLAM whose purpose is to help the youth develop their voice through literacy, specifically poetry and creative writing. Glimpsers had the opportunity to create poems in Spanish with FLAM members and participate in the creative writing process. The poems, written in less than an hour, are truly amazing.

All of this led to probably the most difficult part of today, our first English class! Glimpsers walked into their rooms with lessons, markers and chalk in hand ready to teach what they know best, English! Was it a walk in the park? Most definitely not! Was it the hardest thing they’ve had to do yet? You bet! I think Glimpsers now have a new appreciation for their teachers back in the States; it’s definitely not as easy as it looks.

With defeated faces and tired eyes, we returned home to have dinner at the comedor and recapping the day with our nightly meeting. Max demonstrated his talent of drawing without looking which gained him the leader cape for tomorrow. We closed out with Big Love for all the brave English teaching that happened in the face of adversity and the engagement everyone showed to our speakers and with the young poets.

I think today we’ll all be looking to get some good sleep after such an exhausting day.

Buenas noches,