We started off our day with a good breakfast and walking around and attempting to contact our families. We walked to an internet café in San Victor, and were able to experience how the internet process works in the Dominican Republic. It was very different compared to the United States, and even though many of us were frustrated we were able to learn from this experience and become aware of one of the everyday challenges people may face. After, some of us were able to enjoy the hair salon and the fresh goods at a local bakery. We were given free samples of pastries and purchased some delicious ice cream. Coming back to the Hostel, we called our families and began to prepare for the second part of our day which was education day. The calls home were not all successful because of the challenges of the internet. After lunch, we had our academic seminar which focused on the importance of education, and the difference between educations here in the Dominican Republic and the United States. This seminar also educated us about some of the educational programs offered to many families here, and how many people begin school at a later time in their life. It has made us realize the value of education and how it can impact one’s life. We were fortunate to meet a few women who shared their experiences with us about their struggle to gain literacy, and how this changed their perspective on life and opened more doors of opportunities for themselves and their families. We also met the Rotaract organization, who are young people who dedicate their time to volunteer in their community. Then we traveled by foot to Escuela San Victor, where we split into groups and began to teach people in the community English. There were many different levels and different age groups within those levels. We are able to help and make a change in the people’s lives by teaching English. By learning English, this allows more opportunities for the people. For example 80% of the internet is in English, therefore they can use what they learned to their advantage. After connecting and teaching the students, we all feel as if we are making a difference in their lives and in ours. We are excited to continue to see the growth of the people in the community and see ourselves grow within. This is a life changing experience and we are all grateful for having this opportunity to be here.