Hey people, it’s Idalia here.

Today my fellow global glimpsers and I learned about the education in Ecuador in comparison to the education in the United States. Lily Cripps is a part of the Peace Corps and has been teaching English in Ecuador for almost 2 years. She came into our hostel today to talk about her knowledge on the education system in Ecuador and in the United States, along with her experience in the Peace Corps. One question that was posed that really made me think is “Does free education lessen the value of it?” We pay for college in the U.S. which creates a value in education for us. However here in Ecuador, people can either take advantage of the education to try and make something greater of themselves, or they don’t see the need of it because it is free. As today’s ELDD, I had a lot of responsibility. My job was to make sure everyone was awake and dressed formal, along with eating and drinking plenty of water. The day started off fairly well, until we had our CAP meeting. This meeting was fixed by us Glimpsers with no leaders around, this meant I had to take charge. With not wanting to feel in full control, I had two other Glimpsers help carry the meeting. However, the meeting wasn’t the most organized because there were multiple people making the final decisions and I quickly became discouraged as leader. At one point I went to my GGL and said that I no longer was the leader for today, but with a fully belly after lunch and a successful presentation, I was full of energy and willingness. I took charge for the rest of the day, and I think that my Glimpsers would agree that today wasn’t so bad and I did a pretty good job of not leading such a hectic day. Thanks a bunch for reading about the day I led. Hope everyone’s enjoying our stories!

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PS: Hey fam, love you guys! Miss ya!!