Hey everyone, it’s the Lider Del Dia, Seth, coming at you from Estelí Nicaragua. Today was Education Day, and it was jam packed with new experiences from the students of Colegio Maranatha Adventista, and the Fabretto Foundation. We had an early start at 5:00am, and went to the Colegio Maranatha Adventista at 6:45am. At Colegio Marantha Adventista we spent time in three different classes and experienced what an average day at a Nicaraguan high school was like. After four hours at the high school, we had some free time in order to rest from our field trip. We then prepared for our Community Action Project presentation that we have the next day. At 2:45 we had another field trip to the Fabretto Foundation, which was a school that had a Montessori curriculum. We got to play Montessori educational games with seven and eight year olds for an hour, which the entire group enjoyed. Of the day, playing with these kids was our favorite activity, even if some of us didn’t understand what the kids were saying. When we got back, we had English tutoring from 6:00 to 8:00, which was tons of fun.

Today was Education Day, and we learned a lot. At Colegio Marantha Adventista we learned what an average Nicaraguan high school day was like. By spending a day at the high school, we learned how important education is, and how most of us took it for granted. We realized that school is something that should be cherished and taken advantage of because it provides us with growth and opportunities. I was surprised most by the differences between Nicaraguan high school and US high schools. In Nicaragua, classes aren’t sealed off, so the noise from other classes creep in to other surrounding classes. Also, there were about 35 students packed into one class, which is a lot when compared to the average 25 students in US high school classes. We were most proud of meeting and befriending the students at Colegio Maranatha Adventista. Since we became such good friends, we were able to play a few friendly soccer games between us Glimpsers and the students. The most inspiring person I met today was Dona Sena, the teacher and guest speaker at the Fabretto Foundation. She was passionate about her job, and clearly loved the kids she teaching. She inspired me to be passionate about the things that I love, and to always keep my head up, no matter the obstacle. Being Lider Del Dia was rough at first, however by the end of the day I felt confident in my job. I stepped out of my comfort zone today by speaking to large groups of people speaking another language that I wasn’t confident in. Today I learned that I’m a lot better at Spanish than I originally thought. I was able to use my 3 years of Spanish to my advantage, and talk to the students at the schools, and the locals at our English tutoring lessons.

Tomorrow’s Liders Del Dia are Megan and Lina. I hope tomorrow is just as much fun as today.