Hi family and friends,

Today in Granada was Education Day, where we, Sophy and Sabrina, were leaders of the day. Being the leader of the day entailed not only being the last to eat but also performing our talent of fidget spinning in front of the group. The day started with us waking up everyone at 7 am and a breakfast of fruit. We led a mental warm up meeting centered around the question of the day which was, “Why would someone not have access to quality education?” At 8:30 we left for a field trip to Biblioteca Puedo Leer (Library I can read). There we split up into partners and were assigned a student to read with. The books were in both English and Spanish but our students mostly spoke Spanish. After a couple hours of that we walked back to Casa Roja (our hostel) to eat lunch and prep for English tutoring. When that was done we had a little bit of free time, which mostly consisted of playing cards(Egyptian War), dancing, and napping. Once we had rested we walked to Hotel Con Corazon and watched a documentary about the low quality education system in Nicaragua. We enjoyed sipping dragonfruit drinks while listening to two quest speakers named, Maria and Alex. Then we discussed our Community Action Project ideas and walked home for dinner. Our dinner included a special drink made from Cacao and Corn (Athalia’s favorite). Then at 6, we walked to a school and met our classes for English tutoring that we will have over the next two weeks. Overall, that was a positive and fun experience. To end the night we came back and discussed our day, and passed the Leader of the Day torch onto tomorrow’s leaders.

P.S. Hi mom, dad, Nick, and Alex

Sophy and Sabrina