As leaders of the day we woke up bright and early at four fifteen AM but we were ready to lead the day with positive energy! We woke everyone else up at five o’clock AM which you can imagine waking up your own kiddos can be a struggle. Once everyone rised and shined we headed to breakfast at La Favorita per usual. We of course enjoyed the breakfast because all meals at La Favorita are always the BEST! We ate juevos(eggs) with veggies and  pina juice. We then walked to Colegio Diocescano ( a Catholic school in Granada) where we spent most of our morning shadowing high school students that we paired up with. I ( Yareli) choose to do education day with Ty because education for me is important and I cherish every single opportunity I get. Today I realized how lucky I am to be able to have education for free and that I am able to attend high school for free. I (Tyan) choose to be Leader Del Dia on Education day because I  am really passionate about  education and believe that education is very powerful, and no one can take that away from you. As we shadowed a high school student, I was able to experience the classes the students take here in Nicaragua. I was surprised to learn about Physics and how easy it is then what I was expecting it to be. I also really enjoyed the computer class because I learned more tools to use in spreadsheets. Throughout the day, I  saw how students here do not take for granted the opportunity they have to learn whereas in the US some students may complain just about having to go to school. They were driven to learn. Overall, I am very grateful for this experience to be able to learn and experience a student’s life. This day will definitely remind me to always be grateful for what I have.

After working on our CAP (Community Action Project) presentations which we later presented today, we then went to Caritas Feliz. Caritas Feliz is an amazing after school program that is a place for children, families, and people of the community to attend classes, get checkups, tutoring, and receive meals. This program is very beneficial to the community because for students other than attending their public school, they don’t have a place to go to after school, so they go to Caritas Feliz which helps them stay out of trouble. When we were at the Caritas Feliz I (Yareli) was so happy to know that a lot of children who come from low income families get more opportunities to learn new skills such as computer classes and improving their English. I (Tyan) think it is so great that a program like this is able to help so many people for free with the help of the founder’s family. Without this program many students would not be as successful as they are now with it. After and visit from Caritas Feliz we returned backed to our hostel and presented our CAP ideas to the Jim (one of the founders of Casa de los Suenos). We agree on creating lunch tables for the students to eat on, beautifying the entrance of the school, and lastly building bookshelves for their new library.

At dinner we had a secret birthday surprise for Turanika. She was totally shocked and was very happy that we threw her a mini surprise party. We ate yummy cake, danced to Bollywood music (birthday girl’s choice of course) and other songs. We all  had this much fun in less than twenty minutes which felt like a whole day of a birthday party. We all were sweaty afterwards but we hope it was  a memorable birthday for Turnanika! We walked our sweaty selves to English Tutoring where we had our first two hour class, which was an slight adjustment for some of us but overall always a great experience to teach.

To end the night we headed back to our Hostel and had our nightly meeting. It is currently ten thirty and we are very tired from a very  very long day but tomorrow hopefully we get to relax and play in the water because its our FUN DAY!!

See y’ll in T-7 days!!!! Hasta luego :)))

PS: Mumsy, Daddy, and Kitty I MISS AND LOVE YOU ALL (please answer my call next time 🙁 and Chata if you’re reading this don’t be shy and comment lol LOVE AND MISS YOU TOO- Ty

PS. Shoutout to my Cheetah Girls <3 And for my parents please fill up my gas tank por favor y I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Yareli