Wow! Today was full of surprises and was actually fun, and as a group we grew closer. Let me start from the beginning; breakfast was delicious. We had tamales, and eggs accompanied with hot chocolate, and pineapple juice.  after that we prepared to go to Miguel Angel Leon Ponce school which is located in downtown Riobamba. The school had many repairs to be made and a lot of hazardous places. We had an interview with the principal and he answered some questions, and after that we took a tour around the school and we saw that the school was very different from the schools back home. We also participated in some indigenous exercises, which many of us enjoyed.

Later on we had lunch at La Nativa where everyone seemed to enjoy the meal, and the desert. After that we returned to the hostel to review our plan for the CAP (community action project). We changed into our formal outfits so we could return to the school and have our first class of teaching english. When we arrived to the school we saw that a lot of people were waiting outside at the gate and we waited with them. Turns out that the first class was canceled and we were all sad especially the people. It was aggravating, but we made the most of it. We looked around the city even more and saw places we can shop at and took plenty of pictures.

After that we went to have dinner at Roma Santa and the group was met with a surprise; the other group who traveled to Riobamba met us there and a lot of members of the group reunited with their friends before the other group leaves. We talked, we danced, we ate and we even celebrated two birthdays! the food was amazing, and the cake was delicious. Also many of us in our group broke out of our comfort zone and danced on the dance floor and we grew closer than we ever had before and became almost like a family. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us.