Today, Celeste and Miles were the leaders.

We had an amazing experience getting to work with the GGLs and Paul and Andrea. The theme of today was education. We had the opportunity to visit two very different schools. The first school was Carlos Garbay, a school designed for persons with disabilities. The vibe at this school was truly amazing and all the teachers who worked there were extremely passionate and deeply involved in helping the students thrive. All the students created bonds with the smaller children, where we all came together with gifts and encouragement for them. Seeing the happy expressions on their faces brought a personal passion for helping others. Through this experience, we learned that every child can reach their potential with help from the school.

After lunch today we visited another school, Martino Guerrero Freire. This school is for adults who want to further their education because they did not have the opportunity to finish school. The GG students were able to shadow different classes like biology, gym, math, and physics. Being immersed in a natural classroom environment allowed us to understand some of the true struggles and needs of the local Ecuadorian people.

Big love to our new mother Isabel, who continues to make new exciting food for us to try. Today, she cooked us pescado con arroz with some strawberry sorbet, which was our favorite meal so far. We also would love to give a shout-out to her son, Nelson, who had a big school dance today. Last shout-out to Carter for being bold at dinner tonight as well.

Todayโ€™s experience showed us the value of helping and connecting with others. There is an exhilarating feeling when you are able to connect and deeply impact someone only minutes after meeting them. Our passion for working with others has grown immensely. We are prepared to spend much more of our time impacting the lives of others.

Big love, Miles and Celeste