Hola, ¿Cómo estás?

We woke up bright and early at 6 with help from our daily alarm clock, the Aguacates (Avocado) vendor who screams AGUACATESSSS every day. After eating breakfast we took a field trip to Mujeres Ambientalistas, a group formed of single mothers to raise awareness of environmental issues. Global Glimpse has a strong connection with them because their site was a CAP (Community Action Project) for a previous delegation, where they made a playground for the local kids. There we learned about how they promote environmental awareness through creating recycled paper! When we got the chance to create some ourselves, we were surprised to see a bucket of what looked like baby food. There were bits of banana peels, onions, and used paper creating a yellow, creme color. To change the color of the paper, they used various vegetables and fruits. After learning about the process, we went to the souvenir shop to see the finished products and support the cause.

After that activity, we headed back to the hostel where we had an hour of mandatory rest because we were all pretty tired. Once we all woke up, we sat down for some lunch. Then, we started our CAP 2 seminar, where we discussed logistics and came up with ideas for the CAP. We quickly changed into our business formal attire to listen to a guest speaker on education. Before this guest speaker, we had become used to hearing our Program Coordinators and Spanish-speaking Glimpsers translate for us, so we were all surprised to hear English, especially in a British accent. Our speaker, a female British entrepreneur, owns a tourism business, coffee shop, and hostel here in Estelí. She was visiting us to talk about Bibliomobile, the library bus she started to spread education to children in Nicaragua.

After our speaker left, we completed our CAP 3 seminar, finalizing our project! We agreed on a mural for the preschool walls and cubbies for the kids to keep their belongings and school supplies. Many of our small groups came up with these ideas separately, so we’re excited to have so much agreement on our project! After the CAP 3 seminar, we had English tutoring prep, dinner, tutoring, and our nightly meeting that basically went on until lights out at 10. Everyone was pretty exhausted after such a productive and educational day!