Hi! I’m Sara and today was Education Day (as seen in the title). It was a great opportunity to learn stuff for both the Glimpsers and some of the locals. We started the day off by waking up at 7 AM, then we got breakfast at 8 AM from the wonderful kitchen staff. After breakfast was an energizer lead by Global Glimpse leader Evergreen called Bippity Bippity Bop. It was very interesting and made a lot of us laugh (even though I personally lost in the beginning rounds). After the energizer was the academic seminar

on education lead by wonderful Global Glimpse leaders: Ms. Mac and Mr. Turner. We went a bit over time, but still had free time afterwards until about 10:45 where our G.G. young ambassadors came to properly introduce themselves. We had a fun little activity with a ball of yarn with Mariela, Kendry, Kelvin, and George. We learned lots about their education systems while they learned a little about ours. After that was the program seminar for English tutoring where we learned lots about preparing for the class and how to behave in the class itself. In that time we prepped for our English tutoring later on that day and also got to know our G.G. ambassadors. We then had a delicious lunch once again provided by our wonderful hostel then began to walk to an activity in town at 2. We learned about the local Quisqueya program and how it worked in the home of Adamalys. It was sad that we had to start heading back to the hostel at 3:45. We went for our first English tutoring at 4 today at Escuela San Victor! We were all partnered up to teach different age groups and different levels of English understanding which was difficult, fun, and eye-opening. English tutoring was only 2 hours, but we stayed until 6:45 to prep for our next class. We headed back to the hostel at 6:45 ready for dinner at 7. Then we had a very tiresome, but laughter-filled nightly meeting at 8 with free time soon after at 9 (which I am blogging now).


Today was the day that I personally was looking forward to because I wanted to teach. What a dream come true. Everyone was so nice when we got to English tutoring, and even if there was a language barrier, I eventually got through to them with gestures and pictures. My class was so eager and so active. It was just an amazing experience. Also the activity at Adamalys’ house was also so eye opening. They were just so welcoming and their program (providing literacy for ages 15 and up) was so inspiring and wonderful to have. It makes we really think that we take education for granted back in the U.S., sometimes complaining that school days are too long or that summer just isn’t long enough, yet people are willing to skip work to go to these classes in the homes of local volunteers or in their own homes to be able to at least write their name. It’s amazing and it’s inspiring. I really loved the people we met today.


Today’s question of the day was: How does education affect a person’s life and a country’s path of development? This question didn’t really matter much to be at first because I just thought we go because we have to. I didn’t even think of the people who don’t have the opportunity until today. For the good jobs, people need to know two languages and English could be one. For good jobs people may need a higher education, but some don’t even pass the fourth grade or enroll. It made me really think of our education back home and just cherish it a whole lot more. Education affects us more than we know and it gives us more than just knowledge for a job or for money. It gives us common sense. It gives us a life. It paves a road for friendship, and it gives people less of a chance to be taken advantage of. I loved today and I’m sure you all would have loved it too.