Today was quite an exciting day for everyone! The early wakeup of 6 am was rewarded with  Qimbolito- an Ecuadorian breakfast cake which is steamed in banana leaves rather than baked. After breakfast we did an energizer discussing some of our greatest fears and tactics to cope with them. We also did a mental warmup on education where we looked at the rates of illiteracy in different groups in Ecuador and their socioeconomic status. After this, we took a private bus to Abya Yala- an indigenous school.

imageThroughout the few days that we have been in Riobamba, everyone has been raving about how excited they are to meet indigenous children. Today, we finally got that chance, and the experience was life-changing. We were split into three groups, though it didn’t last long, and had the opportunity to shadow different kids, with different ages and subjects. After one class period, the groups combined to enjoy recess, where everyone played frisbee, talked with the kids, took loads of photos (which we’re sure you will all see), and got the chance to witness an indigenous ceremony. After the ceremony, our group sat down to have a delicious lunch of arroz reyeno with plantains. After a few hours at the school, lifetime friendships were made, Facebook profiles were swapped, and the dreaded goodbyes were said.

imageWith lesson plans set in place to tutor native Spanish speakers in English, our group set off to its first English session. Classes were divided by both age and level of English speaking. Although many of us were nervous at first, everyone came out excited for the next session. Our different groups taught lessons ranging from learning the letters of the alphabet to more complicated topics such as mock job interviews and advanced grammar. As class ended, we were on our way to our favorite place to eat dinner- Roma Santa.

imageUpon arriving to dinner, a few of our Glimpsers were given special gifts from the owner of the restaurant, who happened to be taking the English tutoring class. As the night moved forward, we were served pork chops with a variety of potatoes and a home-cooked cheese empanada. To conclude our night, we had our usual nightly meeting where we discussed the highs and lows of the day while also looking forward into the next day. Today was definitely a day none of us will ever forget!

imageShout outs:

Hey guys! It’s Leah! I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to share all of my memories and experiences with you when I get home. I’m having a wonderful time here, and I’m learning more than I could have ever expected. I love and miss you guys a ton! Love, Leah 🙂

Hey mom, dad, and Serena! I can’t wait to come home and share all that I’ve done here, and it has only been a few days. This is honestly one of the best things that I have ever decided to do, and I thank you all for that. I miss you all so much, but I know that you guys are excited and happy that I’m here in Ecuador. Love you so much, and I’ll bring home presents! Love, Sonu 🙂

Check the blog again tomorrow for pictures from today!

English Tutoring Inauguration

English Tutoring Inauguration