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When I first came through to Global Glimpse, I wasn’t really compassionate in the trip as a whole and I wasn’t very excited to be travelling out of the country. After arriving to Nicaragua, I was able to communicate with my fellow global glimpse fam and really come to terms with our friendships.

Today I was the first global glimpse student to lead the entire group as the leader of the day. We started the day off with a field trip to the school for special needs students. It was an amazing experience to be able to have recess with the students and actually be involved with the activities and classes that these students engage in everyday. I felt so connected to the students and it made me think of special education in our country. Here in Nicaragua it is so different than the U.S. because we were able to see a model where students with mild to severe disabilities were still made to feel like they have a purpose in life just like any other student without special needs. I could see that their level of energy was consistent all throughout recess and their classes and we all felt really inspired and tried to be of help by really contributing to the happiness of the students and teachers at the school.

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Reflecting back on everything, I feel like today was a day of new experiences. We were able to finally take public transportation and adjust to the everyday lifestyle of how the people of Nicaragua use transportation. We were living it up on the public bus filled with a mix of 17 year old bodies breathing heavily and multiage Nicaraguans going to their destinations. A lot of us were able to have fun with public transportation because of the excitement and rollercoaster experience of driving through the streets and we all seemed to have enjoyed it and could not wait to ride the bus for a second time. It was an entirely new experience and I think that those moments of wanting to enjoy it all is what´s important to us and our Global Glimpse family.


There was a time where we spent three hours of our long day shadowing a high school student. We were given the opportunity by the school´s principal to to sit in one of the classrooms and see what kinds of activities they do daily but importantly, to really evaluate the differences in Nicaraguan classes versus The United States. It was interesting because as a leader, I felt that I should play more of an interactive role for the students regardless of the language barrier because it shows that we are aware of how passionate they are in learning and that we want to engage and communicate in all kinds of different ways, including using our bodies and teaching them popular dances from the U.S. because we could share our culture, joy and youth with each other.image

Today was the most inspirational and motivational day I´ve had on this trip simply because we tend to forget that education isn´t always about the textbooks and facts. It can be about all of the different intelligences people have, about how we also learn through games or group work or activities to provide a more energetic but loving education any student deserves in this world.