[Sorry all for the technical difficulties, but here is the blog from our leaders yesterday (Friday) ]

Today we started the day extra early to head out to the beautiful sceneries that Ecuador has to offer in el Pailón Del Diablo. Although we are very privileged coming from a first world country there are some things that can only be seen in Ecuador; and to be able to see a waterfall  from different point of views was truly unbelievable. The journey to the waterfall in the beginning wasn’t that bad and after getting soaking wet, the hike back however took a lot of perseverance, but everyone in the group finished the hike with a smile on their face. We also had the chance to cross a bridge over a river where some Glimpsers very energetically crossed the bridge and others not so much but everyone encouraged each other and was able to cross. After that we also got the chance to buy souvenirs, and practiced our bargaining skills with the locals. Many of us got clothes made out of Alpaca wool which is extremely comfortable and stylish. At the end of the day we got to experience new things that will last a lifetime and we are truly grateful for that.

As leaders, we learned that perseverance and commitment are key and that we can challenge ourselves to do things we never thought we could do.