Throughout the day we had free time, “El Dia Libre” where we got to explore more about Nicaragua, Leon. Today was also my first time being a leader and I did put to much pressure on myself but I was still able to learn many things about being a leader such as to not push myself to succeed. Since I started to push my self, I began to forget the schedule but I was still able to make it throughout the day. Anyways “El Dia Libre” was amazing cause we all got to learn about the tradition, were we got to learn and see the beautiful dances they had in the “plaza.” Also as well as their market and society, were in their society they didn’t have the traditional supermarkets or target we have in the U.S, but they had like stands or venders where they sold souvenirs and little trinkets that would help them supply for their family. In sincerely after a long, exhausting, and knowledgeable week we finally got to learn and explore all of this glory from Nicaragua, Leon.