Executive Director Eliza Pesuit recalls her early life growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, with parents from very different backgrounds. Her dad is from Serbia and her mom is from Russia. Her dad is Christian and her mom is Jewish. At a young age, Eliza learned to value differences and as she grew up, she realized there were a lot of inequities just under the surface, even in her liberal hometown.

Eliza attended Northampton High School and UMass Amherst, and it wasn’t until she was in college that she had her first real international experience. From that first trip Eliza was hooked and she went on to launch and lead Global Glimpse for a decade, deeply committed to ensuring that all young people have access to powerful travel and leadership development opportunities.

Over the last three years, Global Glimpse has grown to serve over 85 students and educators in rural Massachusetts including Westfield, Greenfield, Northampton, and Springfield. For many, Global Glimpse is the first time getting on a plane or leaving the country. In Western Massachusetts, 65% of GG students are from low-income backgrounds and nine out of 10 receive need-based travel scholarships.

Check out Eliza’s radio interview on 93.9 The River below to learn more!

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“I made amazing friendships and had this wonderful feeling in my heart while I was working my hardest to help. The trip opened my eyes and made me appreciate everything at home a little more. You’re constantly outside of your comfort zone in Global Glimpse, so I learned to be my best self. This trip was one of the best things that has ever come into my life.”  – Dionn Casanova, student, Greenfield High School, 2018