The Glimpsers awoke at six this morning, with a big task ahead of them. The CAP Project, begun yesterday, needed completion. Before we could set off, we had to get a hearty breakfast of egg-cake and rolls (Mmm) and also purchase some supplies necessary to finish the project. After we were all back from our various errands, we left for Laguna de Apoyo (happy that our bus driver, Juan, was back).

Upon arrival, the assessment was clear: there was A LOT of work to be done. Painting walls, assembling a second planter, clearing and leveling a giant pile of dirt and trash, building a fence, planting trees and seeds, and making the garden sign were all on the list of things to do. We split off into our groups, and got to work. And we worked. And worked. Before lunch, the art team managed to finish painting the previously barren and dull cement planters, transforming them with vibrant color. Layout team completed, and filled with soil, both planter beds. And everyone took a turn at clearing the formidable pile of trash. While this was happening, kids were running all around La Escuela de la Laguna de Apoyo, many eager to help. “Puedo ayudarles?” was a common occurrence. The Glimpsers gave a brief presentation to the school, quizzing them on how they can sustain the garden.

After a lunch of fried rice, Nicaraguan-style, we got back to work. And we worked some more. It was inspiring how Glimpsers who claimed to be “Team Ikea” stepped up to hammer fence posts and dig holes, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of our amazing team. A carpenter from the community came to help us with building, and thanks to him and Peace Project leader Ramon, our fence actually looks like a fence. A variety of vegetables and herbs were planted, along with a few lovely flowers and an orange tree. To complete the garden, Glimpsers used and old, cracked basketball backboard to use as a sign for the garden. We decided to name the special place we built, “Global Garden,” to both commemorate Global Glimpse, and also remind everyone who utilizes the garden of the possibilities of sustainability in our global community. Just in the nick of time, thanks to all the helpers we received, both young and old, we finished our CAP Project successfully! The space was transformed from something forgotten to something irreplaceable.

We returned to the hostel weary but victorious. After a dinner of (you guessed it) gallo pinto and tortillas, we made our way to Uhispam for our last English tutoring session. Each class had prepared something different for their teachers. Some brought cake and pizza, and others gave personal gifts to their teacher. By the end of the the hour, we were all together having a “dance party.” More like students staring (and taping) their teachers trying to dance. A few students weren’t afraid to join in, and take their teachers for a twirl. We were all sad when eight o’clock rolled around, and final hugs and goodbyes had to be made.

Today was a long day, but we’re sure all Glimpsers would agree, a very worthwhile and meaningful one, as each felt the gratification of helping a community to learn, and giving them the opportunity to come together. We finished the day with a self-reflection on how we can apply the skills and values exemplified today to the rest of our lives. Adios for now!


P.S. I’m so excited to see you on Monday Mama, Dad, and Josh!! Love you all. -Ash