It was a great and overwhelming day for the entire group.  We started the day by waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning, which left people very upset early in the day, but we all knew we had a big day ahead of us.  After we got up and ate breakfast at the crack of dawn, we started our busy day at the Federacion to finish our CAP(Community Action Project) .  Being leader of the day I was extremely nervous due to the fact that I was leading an important and difficult day, with that being said I was afraid the my peers weren’t as enthused with the project as much as I was.   However, I was surprised and so proud of my peers that they took the project head on knowing even though the previous day we exhausted  ourselves starting the project.  The team from the start was working hard whether  we were working on applying gravel to the path or making signs we were all working hard to complete the task.  I believe the most rewarding thing to see was watching how everyone being so committed and willing to work as opposed to giving up or saying it is too hard.  Today we worked collaboratively as a team which made me feel great and proud to be the leader.

After working at the federacion, we were faced with another laborious  task of preparing for a graduation.  Today, we were celebrating and honoring the students who were persistent in learning English to help better their futures.  As one of the teachers, I have a special bond with the students.  To me they are not just my students, but they are like my long lost brothers and sisters who I love very much.  During the  graduation, I gave the commencement speech, which was a great honor.  The graduation made me especially happy because after my students graduated they didn’t acknowledge me as Mr. or teacher, but as their amigo and brother.

Today was a good day, but as the days draw closer and closer I realize that I will not be with the same people who were my family for 16 days.  This whole trip has great meaning and impact to my life and it was my honor that I could be leader of the Day for a very special one.



Tomorrow is going to be another great and fun day for this group that I love very much.